Friday, March 30, 2012

One Year

top photo: what it looked like the day after we move in

bottom photo: what it looks like now

Gentle readers. Sunday marks one year since Boyfriend and your MatchGirl took the leap and moved in together. And what a year it's been.

Some milestones:

We lost Jarvis.
We started our menu planning journey.
We decided on - and purchased - a couch.
Boyfriend built a closet.
We went to New Hampshire.
We went to a lot of weddings.
Doug fixed my coffee table.
Boyfriend lost his job (and found a new one).
A hurricane hit Brooklyn.
I went to Bogotá.
We celebrated our anniversary with a day trip to Montauk.
My old friend Bob proved to be the most amazing house guest ever.
We went to New Orleans (yes, for a wedding).
We hosted two huge holiday dinner parties.
We spent Christmas in our little home.
One of Boyfriend's best friends had brain surgery.
Your MatchGirl's workplace "restructured" and I found myself out of a job.
We celebrated Valentine's Day.
And we settled into a lovely routine.

What's ahead? I can't say for sure. But hopefully next year's list of milestones will be just as long, as interesting and as filled with adventure as this year's.

Life is a journey, after all!

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