Wednesday, August 31, 2011

After the Hurricane

fallen branches in McCarren Park

Sunday afternoon, after the brunt of Irene had passes, Boyfriend and I took a little walk through Greenpoint, into Williamsburg, in search of a Bloody Mary and less than an hour wait for one (understandably, with no public transport, a lot of people were not able to get to their jobs and restaurants that were open were very understaffed).

Below is some of what we saw.

Family flying, trying anyway, to fly an octopus kite in the park

I wish I'd hit video to record these birds. They were so cute and happy, splashing around in this puddle.

A large tree, dubbed the "Vagina tree", in McCarren was a victim of the storm.

The stump of the Vagina tree. Amazed how quickly it was cleaned up!

Another felled tree in the park

Bloody Mary reward at The Bedford

Boyfriend had a cocktail, too

How did your neighborhood fare in the wake of the storm?

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