Monday, April 2, 2012

Menu Plan: Week Forty-Six

Only six more weeks, gentle readers, until we mark one full year of menu planning.

Can you even believe it?! I'm still shocked we've kept it up so long.

Last week, we were pretty good, going off plan only one day and ordering out on Friday evening. It seems like every week, no matter how busy it's been, Friday is truly the evening that Boyfriend and your MachGirl are simply beat!

We also did not have a special anniversary-of-moving-in-together meal. Sunday turned out to be an active day for both of us, with Boyfriend going on a bike ride and your MatchGirl heading to hot yoga (first time ever) with friends. We joined up for brunch with our crew on the late side and ate tons, so dinner was snacks and a sip of whisky while watching videos on the iPad and working on resumes and cover letters.

What's in store for this week?

Monday: We're going to rock out Anita's pasta with beets and pistachios (which was on the menu for Friday of last week). It's simple and so tasty and perfect for a meatless Monday.

Tuesday: Salmon burgers from Trader Joe's.

Wednesday: Spinach salad, white wine - I call date night.

Thursday: Boyfriend promises my favorite - Mussels!

Friday: Homemade pizza. Maybe along these lines...

Saturday: Nachos a la Boyfriend (I don't really know what these involve, but I'm promised awesome).

Sunday: We're hosting a few friends for an Easter brunch. I have a feeling we'll just be eating all day.

photo: Boyfriend's attempt at an Asian-inspired beef dish.

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