Wednesday, December 21, 2011


Gentle readers, your MatchGirl and Boyfriend are in quite the frenzy this week!

As we've both posted over the past couple of weeks, we are hosting a full house of people for the holidays. For Christmas Eve we'll have my parents in town and our friends and their son will join us for a San Francisco inspired dinner. The next day the rest of my family will arrive early and we'll have some breakfast (and loads of coffee, I'm sure!) and exchange gifts and spend some time together...

And then we'll start prepping dinner (anything that Boyfriend hasn't already prepped, anyway) for eleven people. Yep. Eleven people in our cozy apartment.

We're pretty excited to start our new holiday traditions, and to share them with all of you. A big part of what's important to us is having our "urban family" nearby. So when we found out that some of our friends would be in New York over Christmas, we automatically started planning to have them over for dinner and drinks.

After dinner, a few other friends may stop in for a cocktail and some dessert.

There's no set end time.
There's not a strict schedule.
We just want to spend the time with our family.

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