Monday, April 25, 2011

Menu Plan: Week One

Gentle readers, though your MatchGirl was not so sure about adding menu planning to this little blog - there seems to be a lack of information out there about menu planning for just two people. And, since dear Emily thought it might be a good idea, and since pretty much every Google search one does around menu planning comes up with how to feed a hubby and a handful of tots, I've decided to share our menu plan from last week - its successes and its failures.

Last Saturday, I sat down, pen at hand and laptop ready, to create a menu plan for Boyfriend and I for the week. After a little research, and keeping our we-just-moved-in-barely-stocked-pantry in mind, here's what I came up with:

Saturday: Balsamic glazed pork
Sunday: Leftover chicken, greens and roasted potatoes
Monday: Ravioli with Brussels and bacon
Tuesday: Red curry shrimp
Wednesday: I had an event, so to each his/her own
Thursday: Stir fry made from leftover pork and veggies from Boyfriend's exuberant shopping trip to Trader Joe's the previous week
Friday: Sweet potato and brie flatbread pizza

Not too shabby, right? Simple stuff. Easy stuff. Loads of ingredients that could carry from one meal to the next. Not so bad for our first menu plan of living together.

So. How did we hold up?

Saturday: We did, indeed, have balsamic glazed pork. I took leftover to lunch on Monday.
Sunday: We had friends stop by for drinks and ended up having late night grilled cheese sandwiches.
Monday: Boyfriend made chicken and dumplings, with chicken leftover from late the previous week.
Tuesday: We ate the sweet potato and brie flatbread pizza. I know it sounds weird, but it's seriously delicious. Highly recommend checking it out.
Wednesday: I had an event so there was not really time for dinner. We ended up eating the free pizza that came with our beers at Lulu's on Greenpoint Avenue.
Thursday: We made the red curry shrimp. I took the leftovers for lunch on Friday, but ended up at Monster Sushi with my colleague and his wife and kid instead (I'll eat it today, I promise!)
Friday: Boyfriend ended up working late and I went to an art opening with some colleagues. Around 9PM I made fried rice with the left over pork from Monday, some rice from Thursday and the veggies that we had in the crisper, along with a scrambled egg. 

Not too bad! This weekend we had a lot going on and this week we have several events occurring when it would normally be dinner time, but I'm still pulling a menu plan together. I'll let you know next week how it goes!

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