Thursday, March 8, 2012

Raising The Bar | Episode 2: Rum For All Seasons

Today, marks the second part of Boyfriend's cocktail series. As mentioned in an earlier post, the series wil be a combination of recipes, tips, tools and ways to build a killer bar without breaking the bank. Enjoy!

Climate change has things very messed up. Lat year at this time there was still snow on the ground and a hot toddy would have been in order. Tomorrow’s forecast calls for temps of almost 70 degrees.

Cocktailing in these unpredictable conditions can be tough.

I’m a firm believer in the school of winter and summer drinks, and these current climes make it imperative that one is prepared to switch things up from day to day.

Two spirits I find very helpful in these situations are dark rum and tequila. Both staples of the well stocked bar, these last quite well in our personal bar as “second line” spirits. I’m not going to drink them every night like I would a gin or whiskey, but I will get the bug to make some drinks with them once a week or so. Today I offer up two, in my book, weather induced drinks. I love a nice, simple from scratch Margarita on a warm day. I also feel a Dark & Stormy, while made with a tropical spirit, is a cool weather drink.

Here’s to you dear reader..


1.5 oz Tequila Blanco
.75 oz Triple Sec (I’m into Bols - it’s trad)
.75 oz Fresh Lime Juice

Shake it up and strain over ice into a salt rimmed tumbler

Dark & Stormy

2oz. Gosslings Rum
4oz. Ginger Beer (I like Barritt's)
juice of 1 lime

Pour the ginger beer over ice in a Collins glass. Add juice of one lime. Slowly pour the rum over top and it will form a seemingly pulsating layer of stormy darkness.


photo via Apartment Therapy


  1. I never have tried Barritt's is that a NY thing? Also what's your opinion on using ginger ale instead of ginger beer for a D&S in a pinch?

  2. Phil

    Barritt's is from the Bahamas. I don't know how widely available it is. I would use ginger ale in a pinch but only if it was lower grade rum.