Thursday, March 1, 2012

Raising The Bar

Greetings gentle readers,

Boyfriend here. I have a new project that I hope interests you. I am calling this Raising the Bar. As you know from previous posts your MatchGirl and I enjoy a cocktail or two most nights (always in moderation, of course). With this in mind I'm embarking on a mission to help you, gentle readers, build a libation library. 

A nice cocktail after a long day of work is a special pleasure that all should share.

It is hard to build up a home bar both in terms of space and cost. Over the next few weeks I hope to provide a template of techniques and tips to help you create a home bar that is both functional and affordable.

Cocktailing at home can be very easy - especially if you have a few basic tools. Stay tuned ...

Photo: the menu from Brooklyn Winery

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