Monday, January 16, 2012

Menu Plan: Week Thirty-Five

Ah, gentle readers, we've come to week thirty-five of our menu planning. It's been a crazy few weeks here, for Boyfriend and your MatchGirl, so this week's menu plan is chock full of comfort foods, some already near-made in the freezer, and simplicity.

You'll see a variation on our favorite kale dish hit the plan again this week, and we'll be cooking big to eat leftovers for lunch (we're penny pinching big time) and at the end of the week, when we're truly to exhausted to cook!


Monday: Chicken pot pie (with a lot of stuff from the freezer)

Tuesday: Mexican Lasagna

Wednesday: Kale, white beans, tomatoes and maybe some sausage - a simple, hearty and nutritious favorite.

Thursday: Beef stew (again, with loads of stuff from the freezer and some fresh veg)

Friday: we're thinking leftovers of the Mexican Lasagna

Saturday: We'll have loads of leftovers, so we'll eat those.

Sunday: We will roast a chicken and have some sides (and leftovers to take us into the following week)

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