Monday, January 9, 2012

Menu Plan: Week Thirty-Four

Gentle readers, Boyfriend and your MatchGirl really enjoyed sticking with our menu plan last week. We saved money and time and ate well the entire week.

It's so easy, some nights, to come home from work and be tempted to order Thai food or eat pretzels while watching a movie online. But we avoid that. We want to eat healthy. We need to save money. Making the menu plan and sticking to it helps with both of these. The other great thing about menu planning is that, though we'll go to some favorites time and time again, it keeps us constantly looking for new things to try.

Monday: Leftovers from Sunday night's awesome roast chicken.

Tuesday: Kale & tomatoes with whole wheat spaghetti

Wednesday: Boyfriend called date night, so we'll go out for dinner

Thursday: A friend of mine posted this recipe for Split Pea & Cauliflower soup on Facebook and it looks awesome. We'll try that.

Friday: Gnocchi with lamb ragu (we'll see if we have this. It's a pretty ambitious end of week recipe!)

Saturday: I believe we joining a friend for dinner

Sunday: Braised short ribs, a la Boyfriend

photo: the spectacular brunch Boyfriend made me for New Year's Day. 40 minute scrambled eggs, smoked salmon and Humboldt fog cheese on thick sourdough toast. Perfect.

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