Thursday, December 22, 2011

Tribes - I hope Tim Tebow's success has taught you to get with the winning religion this holiday season
Thursday means Boyfriend is writing!

Tribes is a term I don’t really use. It has some negative Burning Man-esque connotations in my mind. It is a pretty good way to describe our extended non-related family however. As I mentioned in an earlier post this will be my first Christmas away from not only my family but also away from my … um … tribe. I can’t really get down with that word, so from here on out I will use the term that I have always used and say my crew.

This year for Christmas, in addition to hosting your MatchGirl’s actual blood related family, we will be hosting some amazing friends who will for various reasons be staying put in the tri-state area. This is going to be a whole new experience for me and I’ve got to say I’m very excited. Playing host is one of my favorite things. Maybe it is because of some sort of type A personality undercurrent or maybe it is because I really enjoy providing a great time for people. Whatever the reason I think it will be a Christmas to remember.

Back to my point, most Christmases past have centered around some serious hanging out with my long time group of guy friends. This was great last year when I was unattached and still relatively new to living on the other coast. This year has seen many changes and going “home” was not only not practical but also just didn’t feel like the right thing to do. Your MatchGirl and I have worked very hard to create our home and life here in Greenpoint, Brooklyn.

We have a full slate for the weekend with both family and friends. There will be tons of great food and amazing people to share the holiday with. I will be making a few meals for the assembled family and guests. I will no doubt drag out some Trivial Pursuit, open one more bottle of wine than needed, etc …

Nothing too new except instead of the old crew this holiday is going to be shared with the new tribe.

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