Thursday, December 8, 2011

Holiday Traditions

Another Thursday guest post from Boyfriend!

In my family we don’t have a lot of holiday traditions. There is no routine that is followed every year. Usually we get together on Christmas Eve and after mulling about for a while we will do one of two things either eat a meal together and then open presents or we will not eat a meal together and then open presents. Perhaps the tradition is really the lack of a plan. For many years I have tried to establish some sort of routine and plan to follow for the holidays. My family is just not into it.

This used to make me crazy.
I can think of at least three Christmases that were very tense.

It is silly of me to think that I could wrangle my family into the kind of TV Christmas I had envisioned. We just aren’t like that.

This year will be the first that I have not spent with my family. While a part of me is very sad that routines are changing, most of me is very excited to share the holiday with a new family. Although I did spend Christmas day with your MatchGirl last year jet lag from a cross country red-eye leaves me hazy on the details. I was, needless to say, not on the top of my game.

This year, though, is going to be something special. We are hosting Christmas in our little home for your MatchGirl’s family and some of our friends.

I hadn't really put much thought into things until I started writing this, but then it hit me. This is a big deal. Of course everyone will enjoy themselves, and great food will be eaten. We are very good hosts. The pressure lies not even in being around my girlfriends’ family (I am comfortable with me so I assume everyone else is). The pressure is more in making sure Christmas is a highpoint of the year for everyone involved.

Christmas is a very special time for families. I think I tend to forget this because we were so easy going about it (insert California stereotype here). I know that as we move forward in our life together Ms. MatchGirl and I have a special opportunity to create our own unique holiday traditions. Some will come from her, some from me, some we can make up from scratch or with a nod to our experience. This year I have decided that on Christmas morning I will make Ebelskevers. These little Danish pancakes aren’t really part of my Christmas tradition, but my Grandmother used to make them so I’m incorporating this into our new Christmas tradition.

Hopefully this catches on and we have a new Christmas morning staple.
You have to start somewhere, right?

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