Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Menu Plan: Week Eleven

Gentle readers, your MatchGirl and Boyfriend hope that you enjoyed your July 4th weekend. We had a lovely weekend, your MatchGirl traveled to San Juan for a long (and rainy) weekend and Boyfriend held down the fort in our little Greenpoint apartment.

We start week eleven on a Tuesday, due to the holiday weekend (we had hamburgers and hot dogs on a Williamsburg rooftop).

Tuesday: We have plans with friends, and a visiting German friend, to have dinner in Greenpoint.

Wednesday: Summer pasta with shrimp.

Thursday: "real" California burritos (we missed those on week ten, as we went out to dinner instead).

Friday: Lamb burgers with spinach and red onion salad.

Saturday: Boyfriend says we'll go out to dinner, as we've got concert tickets (that he bought in advance).

Sunday: Boyfriend wants to make a "nice Sunday dinner" and this is all he'll share right now...

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