Friday, July 1, 2011

Want:Le Creuset Caribbean Blue

A long time ago, your MatchGirl decided that she wanted to have a kitchen that was robin's egg blue and black.

For a while, I was finding cute Nigella Lawson branded kitchen tools and cookware in the exact shade of blue that I had dreamed of. But it's hard to find these things. And you really need more in your kitchen than a bunch of cute, pale blue stoneware (though not much more!).

And then I found Le Creuset in Caribbean Blue! While it's a stronger tone than that of the Nigella Lawson cookware (of which your MatchGirl has a few pieces), it complements the paler color and looks great with black items (like my Kitchen-Aid stand mixer)... and gives people who want to buy me things (read: my mom) a ready made checklist. *heart*

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