Monday, April 16, 2012

Menu Plan: Week Forty-Eight

Gentle readers, as you can tell by our lack of postings last week - it was a CRAZY BUSY WEEK!

Your MatchGirl started a new freelance gig, which means heading into Manhattan during the day and we went to see Pulp not one night, but, TWO! On the weekend we had a date night and attended bachelor and bachelorette parties. We stuck, mostly, to the menu plan, but, then again, there was not much on it. We knew we'd be out.

This week is more of the same, with your MatchGirl attending a networking event on Tuesday evening and co-hosting one on Wednesday evening.

Monday: Black bean tacos with corn salsa
Tuesday: Snacks after the event. Boyfriend has a friend in town, so maybe he'll go out.
Wednesday: More snacks for 
Thursday: Boyfriend will make meatloaf
Friday: We're hoping to get into Paulie Gee's for dinner with visiting friends.
Saturday: We're attending a four year old's birthday party in NJ in the afternoon and our friends are in town from Rhode Island.
Sunday: We're heading to the home of some friends for a little Sunday supper. 

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