Thursday, February 9, 2012

Who I Was Meant For

Thursday means ... guest post from Boyfriend!

Life comes at you from all angles sometimes. It can be a real drag. Work is not always great. Many toil away doing jobs we don’t like. Sometimes this is a means to an end, sometimes, it’s just easier than taking a chance.

Right now I’m in a sort of transitional period, career-wise. I don’t love my job but it does pay (some of) the bills and affords me good networking opportunities. That being said, my days can be pure drudgery. One huge upside to our MatchGirl’s change in employment status means that she is usually home when I get home from work.

Old-fashioned man would be pleased with this scenario, especially if there was a hot meal and a martini waiting. This is not the case around Casa De Meserole and, quite frankly, if it was the case I would be weirded out. The last thing I would be comfortable with is being served. Not my style.

What modern Boyfriend does enjoy is coming home to find my lovely girlfriend pounding away at the virtual pavement - making things happen in her employment search. Sometimes she hasn't even thought to eat lunch. Being the guy I am, this is quickly rectified by a pre-dinner snack and cocktail. Then I settle into some dinner making.

Frequently, at the end of the day I am fairly wound up. Although I interact with the public a lot during the day, it is not in any meaningful way. Come day’s end I can be a little needy and wanting of significant human interaction. This can sometime irritate your MatchGirl as she usually still has work to do. Fortunately, she puts up with me at this time (and others).

It is these reflections on our everyday life together that really reassure me that this person I am with is really the one I was meant for.

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