Monday, February 6, 2012

Menu Plan: Week Thirty-Eight

One would think, gentle readers, that freelancing from home and searching for a new job would lend your MatchGirl a little time to chill out and be domestic.

Not so much.

The next couple of weeks are filled with work and meetings and friends. So the menu plan may be a little skimpy. That said, we're also on a tighter budget, so we need to eat at home as much as possible and keep things on the cheap.

Last week we stuck to the menu plan and I ate leftovers for lunch, while working away at home.

Let's see what this week brings...

Monday: Even though we're out of stock (this is an amazingly odd thing), I think I will make this quick white bean stew.

Tuesday: We've got a bunch of butternut squash that we'll work into something... I'm between a couple of recipes as I write this post, though I'm leaning to this take on risotto.

Wednesday: It's the first Work It Brooklyn of 2012, so we'll eat leftovers wither before we head out or when we come home.

Thursday: I have dinner plans with friends. Boyfriend will come up with something...

Friday: I think a tuna casserole will suit us. It's super easy and we're both usually too tired for a complicated Friday night meal.

Saturday: We have a birthday dinner, a birthday party and a band's album release party to attend. Just one of those chill NYC nights.

Sunday: We were invited to an all day pasta party ... will probably head over on the afternoon side and gorge ourselves on carbs and come home and pass out happily!

Photo: Jon's Hoppin' John from New Year's Day

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