Friday, February 3, 2012

I Want To Take You Home...

Despite being currently unemployed, or, rather, out of full-time work, your MatchGirl made a purchase last week. One thing that she could not go without...

One of her favorite bands has reunited for a few (very, very few) shows Stateside ... the first time since 1998 ... so, of course, your MatchGirl had to procure tickets for Boyfriend and herself.

One upside to unemployment? When the tickets go on sale and you need to pounce, it's a lot easier to make sure that happens when you're at home and not in a busy, open-plan office.

The fun thing about this show will be taking Boyfriend, who enjoys the music (even putting in on when I'm not around!) but has never seen the band! It's always nice to share something you love with someone you love.

Photo: Instagram image of one of said bands videos. Can you name the band?


  1. I hope it's awesome and you guys have so much fun!
    Woulda loved to go but they are playing SF two days before my due date! We couldn't make that kind of commitment-you never know what could be going on that day. :)Jealous!

    1. Probably best not to go into labor in front of Jarvis ... although what an amazing "baby's first concert" story ... ;)