Friday, January 20, 2012

To Try

As we're so committed to meal planning, and as we hate to be too bored by what we eat, Boyfriend and your MatchGirl are always on the lookout for new and yummy ideas to add to the menu plan.

I've written before about how we often turn to Gojee for inspiration, when we know we've something in the fridge we need to use or when one of us is craving ... something ... but we're just not quite sure what to meet. And, of course, we each have our favorite go-to bloggers and recipe websites when we just want to peruse and find some amazing inspiration.

Another place that I've turned is to Pinterest, making a board just for things I'd like for us to try - whether as part of the regular menu plan or maybe something for some more special occasions. This is a great way for me to have a little recipe box, and not worry about what computer I might have bookmarked something on.

What's your favorite way to keep all those recipes you come across online organized?

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