Monday, January 23, 2012

Menu Plan: Week Thirty-Six

Hitting our thirty-sixth week of menu planning, gentle readers, means that we've been at this for six months. Wow.

Six months is a long time to stick with something like this and, honestly, I think we're just getting better at it. As the one who does most of the cooking, Boyfriend has really stepped up and become a driving force in this project. As I begin my second week of unemployment, it's possible that I will pick up some kitch duties...

Monday: I have meeting all day and a meetup in the evening. I'll pick up something on the go...

Tuesday: Boyfriend is stoked to try this chicken and dumplings recipe he came across on Smitten Kitchen.

Wednesday: There is still a bit of leftover beef in the freezer - Boyfriend will transform this into Philly-tyle cheesesteaks.

Thursday: I plan on going to Digital Dumbo, so we'll heat up some leftovers on our own.

Friday: A friend forwarded me this recipe (Again from Smitten Kitchen) for tomato and sausage risotto - might be a good way to end the week.

Saturday: We're going to try for this lentil stew a la Alton Brown.

Sunday: We missed this last week as we went to watch football and catch up with friends, so we'll roast a chicken and see what we can do with the leftovers for next week's plan...

Photo: Brussels sauteed with chestnuts and glazed with a little maple syrup

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