Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Seating Arrangements: Holiday Dinner

Gentle readers, your MatchGirl and Boyfriend are quite thrilled about our Christmas dinner party. And a little nervous at the same time!

I mean, where will the people sit (and how should we seat them) in our little Greenpoint apartment!

I found this cool video from CHOW online - though couldn't find any still images that didn't have to do with weddings.

There's a lot of conversation in the comments of the CHOW blog about seating couples together. Personally, your MatchGirl enjoys being seated across the table from Boyfriend. We can chat a bit (given the depth of the table of course!) and also share conversation with those on either side of either of us. We were seated such at Thanksgiving this year and at a recent wedding and I think it really helped the conversation flow.

What do you think? Does this matter when you're having a dinner party? Or do you just let the people seat themselves willy nilly?

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