Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Seating Arrangements: When and What?

Gentle readers, Boyfriend and your MatchGirl are still on the hunt for a chair for our living room. Nothing  will be quite the deal that our little wing chair was (when I inherited it all those years ago), but we still do need a chair.

And with the holidays coming, and my family with them, I feel an urgent need to fulfill that seating need.

It's silly, perhaps, but you know how things are, when you feel your home is not quite in order and you want to do everything you can think of. And for me, having a chair in the living room is a big deal.

Of course, our complete lack of funds for that purpose will probably put a bit of a crimp in that plan. And while I think that this little West Elm chair is very well priced, it's still just a bit out of our reach. There are just too many things we want/need more.

So the question is, do we patiently wait, until we have the funds handy, letting our holiday guests sit on an ancient director's chair and a handful of borrowed folding chairs? Or do we look for something cheaper, that we could get sooner, but that we don't like nearly as much?

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