Monday, November 28, 2011

Menu Plan: Week Twenty-Nine

And.... we're back!

And this post-Thanksgiving, post-NOLA break has us at week Twenty-Nine of our menu plan. In an effort to counteract a lot of the very tasty, very brown food we ate over Thanksgiving, I made us a raw Kale salad, adapted from 101 Cookbooks for our Saturday night dinner. Boyfriend was not too stoked on it, but the leafy greens definitely left me feeling like I was off to the right start for the the coming week.

Especially since we had a date night on Friday night, complete with movie soday and popcorn followed by dinner at Five Leaves on Bedford in Greenpoint!

Monday: Palak Dal, made with lentils and spinach will give us protein and greens. We'll have it with rice.

Tuesday: Lemony Mushroom Risotto.

Wednesday: It's supposed to be rainy, and closer to seasonably cool, so we'll have a hearty beef stew accompanied by some cornbread.

Thursday: We're trying to be a bit tighter with out food dollar, so we'll have leftovers this night.

Friday: I have plans at dinner-time, so Boyfriend is on his own and I'll dig into some leftovers when I get home.

Saturday: I'm thinking of trying our this Spanakopita-inspired rice dish.

Sunday: Boyfriend really likes Mexican food, so I think I'll try this chili+cornbread recipe that I stumbled upon while browsing Gojee.

One of the cool things about this menue is that it will leave us with loads of leftovers for my lunch-time needs. As the holidays approach, and as we just returned from our 6th wedding of the year, we're both a bit skint, so not eating out for lunch will be a really important part of my budgeting (more so than usual) these next few weeks.

pictured: Gumbo in New Orelans

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