Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Favorite Dishes

Boyfriend and your MatchGirl have been working on living by a menu plan for the past 8 weeks... This week we embarked on week nine.

In trolling the web for inspiration, I have noticed that many try menu planning as a way to shake up their routines. Boyfriend and I have not been playing house for so long that we've established a plethora of routine, but there are a few things that we fall to, as easy and comfortable go-tos. This is especially true in our meal making.

Boyfriend, as you have learned, is the key cook in our household right now. He enjoys cooking much more than I do, on a regular basis, and he has fun with his day off meals. Your MatchGirl has fun with these also, especially when Boyfriend surprises me with something that he knows is a favorite of mine. But, as we're both working individuals, busy in our office and out of office time, we do tend to fall back on a handful of things.

Some favorites:

  • Boyfriend's arugula and steak salad.
  • Spring pasta, from 101 Cookbooks. (though Boyfriend insists in buying a pasta that is much too skinny, in my opinion!)
  • Chicken Caesar Salad (Boyfriend makes all from scratch).
  • "Kitchen sink" fried rice.
  • Sweet potato and Brie pizza (we were also inspired by a friend's girlfriend to make a four cheese and Brussels pizza and this will probably return in the Fall).

This week, though the menu plan is made, we still haven't managed to find time to do the grocery shopping, so I expect we will have a fairly steady diet of these old friends.

Do you have favorite dishes that you keep falling back on, no matter how many recipes are at your fingertips?

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