Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Progress: The First Four Days

Boyfriend and your MatchGirl moved into our new Greenpoint space on Friday of last week. There is still so very much to do, but I thought I'd share some picks of the apartment and the progress we've made, and the mess that still exists.

Above is the view from the front door of the apartment. To the left is the dining area. Right now it's home to Boyfriend's bike and a whole bunch of plants, as well as my vintage breakfast table, inherited, long ago, from the Great-Aunt Jessie. To the right is the living room area. We still haven't purchase a sofa, so right now it's where the yet-to-be-unpacked-boxes are stacked.

In the distance you can see the kitchen, where we've made the most progress - paint job complete and some shelving installed. 

The corner of our little kitchen. Your MatchGirl painted the space a dark Robin's Egg Blue and Boyfriend installed the pot rack, purchased at Ikea for $14.99. The other metal rack I have had for years and it has served well as a TV stand in an Allston, MA apartment in the late 90s to a fabric storage system in my last Greenpoint apartment. It's a staple of restaurant supply stores. I'm missing some pieces so we've held out on adding the top shelf, but it will be a great storage unit in our cozy kitchen.

You cannot tell, from this photo, gentle readers, but the office of our new apartment is a hideous pink. Those who know your MatchGirl know that a pink must be pretty hideous for me to dislike it. And this one certainly is. I'm in process of painting it a silvery grey. Boyfriend and I are still coming together on the color of the trim, but I believe we are leaning towards an orange that matches the accents on my little sewing machine table.

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