Thursday, February 24, 2011

Shopping Trip: Ikea

Even though Boyfriend and I haven't found a new place yet (seriously, if you know of one in Greenpoint for April 1, hook a girl up!) we decided to go on a reconnaissance mission to Ikea.

On a Saturday.

Yes, dear readers. We are well aware that this sounds more like a suicide mission than reconnaissance. But it had to be done. And as your MatchGirl is a 9-5er now, Saturday was as good a time as any to get lost in the depths of the Red Hook Ikea. We were there to check out bed frames. sit on couches and argue over how many books I actually need to put on the book shelves (Boyfriend seems to think some can live always in boxes under then bed).

As you probably remember from my time blogging at Hire Me Martha, I'm a crafty gal. And, while I love crafting and drawing and have a degree in painting, my love, of late is sewing. One of the biggest problems I've had in my current place, with my current roommate, is that there is no real place for me to sew on a regular basis. The apartment is large, but the space just isn't right. And while Boyfriend and I haven't found a space yet, and I can't say what the space we do find will be, I know that I want to have a little corner when I can be ready - always - to sew.

We found this adorable little table in the office section. While it's designed to be a place to use your laptop, barely bigger than an old school writing desk, it's te perfect size for my little Singer and it's small enough to put in the corner of a bedroom or office or even the kitchen if that is where we find the space.

I love that Boyfriend is so supportive of all the things I have going on in my life - but he might not feel quite so excited when he realizes how much fabric that's coming with us...

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