Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Logistics: Movers, Take 2

Your MatchGirl has spent several hours looking for movers within our budget. Maybe she should have called earlier in the month, but I've been exceedingly busy with work and projects. It's hard to find time during the 9-5 to make a million phone calls.

I've already written about FlatRate Movers and how they wanted to charge $850 to move 7 blocks.

Next I reached out to Arthur Werner, recommended by a friend. Garnet emailed me right away and then phoned me to follow up the next day, but I was in a meeting all day. I returned his email and promised to call the next afternoon. I spoke with him and received a verbal quote - $552 - which was followed up by a very professional and detailed written quote.

Tonight I spoke with someone at Prime Movers - I don't know who. He answered the phone unlike a business and seemed super annoyed that I was calling him. They have loads of good Yelp reviews but I was not pleased. I'm sure their rates are good. I didn't get the chance to discuss it with him. He told me he only had from 3 to 4 PM and when I started to say that would probably not work, he hung up on me. Seriously. [click]

I also spoke with Rob at Band With a Van. He came recommended by friends who used him last year. He was nice, but he's totally booked. If we can move the day before or maybe the day after, or really late that evening, then he might be able to do it. He gave me the number of someone he works with sometimes, Dan. I didn't call him yet because I feel a bit uneasy about just calling a random dude.

So? Did we find a mover? Stay tuned to find out...

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