Monday, March 21, 2011

Purging: Stoop Sale

Gentle readers, your MatchGirl held a stoop sale yesterday, on her little street in the northern part of Greenpoint.

Boyfriend, who snapped the picture above, was kind enough to spend the day (and the day before) helping me sort through loads of stuff - books, clothing, shoes, kitchenware, miscellany - and sell it on the sidewalk in front of my current apartment.

It was a big deal for me, dear ones, to purge this much stuff. Some of it had deep sentimental value. A lot of it was gifted to me. It all stood for different times in my life. Instances. Memories. People.

But it's time to say goodbye.

Taking this step forward with Boyfriend means starting fresh together. Sure, we both bring some baggage, literal and metaphorical, to this new place. But getting rid of some of my stuff - things I haven't used/worn/looked at in years - means that Boyfriend and I can start, not fresh, exactly, but together. We can buy new things, that we've chosen together.

By purging, even a little bit, we've made a little room to grow our life together.

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