Monday, April 30, 2012

Menu Plan: Week Fifty

We're in the home stretch now, gentle readers, only two more weeks till we hit a year of menu plans!

Last week, Boyfriend posted the menu plan. We didn't do so good ... but, I've got to say, you're MatchGirl is not disappointed. The substitutions that we were made were pretty tasty, for sure. And some of those substitutions were made due to me having to work later than expected.

For instance, look at the picture here - your MatchGirl came home from a long day at her new gig and these mussels were waiting when she arrived home! Surprise favorite meal at the end of a long day!

Your MatchGirl has also been buying lunch every day - not too smart in midtown - it's a pricey expenditure. This week, I hope to make the menu plan also cover some leftovers for lunch!

Monday: Stoked on this pasta recipe with turkey and broccoli and orecchiette from Real Simple.

Tuesday: Sweet potato tacos - I used to make these years ago, with sweet potato, tofu and cheddar ... I can't find the recipe, but they're pretty simple, filling and really tasty.

Wednesday: Boyfriend's famous arugula and steak salad.

Thursday: We are going to see some music at Sycamore, I have a plan of making it a date night and eating somewhere along the way.

Friday: Pasta primavera with shrimp.

Saturday: Cinco de Mayo! And the Kentucky Derby! We;ll be spending the day celebrating and snacking!

Sunday: I like the idea of a roast chicken with some sides. Which will hopefully leave some leftovers for my Monday lunch ...

Photo: awesome mussels a la Boyfriend!

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