Monday, April 23, 2012

Menu Plan: Week Forty-Nine

Girlfriend is out sick, gentle readers so I am here to fill in the menu plan.

As much as I would like to populate the menu with "boy food" I will not take advantage of my lovely girlfriend's illness.

So here goes.

Monday: We are going to see a concert so dinner will be taken on the go. There has been a lot of this lately and as much as New York has some of the best eating in the world I am very tired of eating out. I really love cooking and eating at home.

Tuesday: It's been a while so lets bring back kale/white bean/protein delight. This was a dish that got a little overplayed this winter but I'm feeling in the mood. Also, Tuesday is the first mellow night at home we've had in a couple weeks so the ease factor is important.

Wednesday: Salmon Burgers w/a nice salad

Thursday: I have a close friend who is going to be in town for a couple days so we will probably be out with him

Friday: Burger Night. I have a mix of ground meats in the freezer from last week's meatloaf so let's get burgery on a Friday night.

Saturday: I want to do something good and time consuming that will involve pulled pork.

Sunday: Hopefully we can have the rescheduled(derailed by girlfriends illness) Sunday dinner with or friends the Mullersons.

photo: revamped Mugs Bloody Mary

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