Friday, March 16, 2012

On The Rocks | Part 2

And so continues Boyfriend's cocktail series...

Yesterday I wrote about the wonderful simplicity of whiskey on the rocks. Enough of the lead up! Let’s talk about what to put in the glass.

Here are my Top Five:

5. Cutty Sark
Cutty rocks has long been my go to at an open bar wedding, country club, or convention cocktail hour. Why? Because I know Cutty Sark is drinkable. This is surley the most accessible blended scotch on the market. It was created to provide a mild scoth for the international palette. I can’t think of a time i’ve ever bought it but you know it will be there and taste mildly scothchy if you need to keep a drink in your hand for a few hours.

4. Dewer’s
Double Dewer’s on the rocks holds a special place in my heart. I had a very heavy travel job for a couple of years(one year I spent 160 days on the road) this necessitated a lot of air travel. I quickly became a pro when it came to in flight drinking. Your choices in flight are fairly limited beer just makes me need to get up and go to the restroom thus having to shuffle past the fat sleeping guy in the isle seat. Not my cup of tea and one little booze bottle would be gone too fast. I discovered the best plan of attack for a cross country flight is to order a double scotch ( Southwest was my airline of choice and happened to serve Dewer’s) this way you have enough drink for a couple hours and your not filling your bladder with beer. I’m not sure why, but once I started ordering doubles the flight attendants would hardly ever charge me for drinks. I guess they could see I knew what I was doing.

3. Jack Daniels (Black Label)
One of the most popular spirits in the world Jack Daniels is iconic. It is also availible everywhere. I’m pretty sure you can go into any bar any where in the U.S. at least if not the world and get a Jack on the rocks, It is going to taste pe=retty much exactly the same. I love the consistency. There are few things in the world that I can say I would be able to blindly taste but I do believe JacK Daniels would be one of them.

2. Johnny Walker (Red Label)
JW Red is kind of like the Jack Daniels of scotch. It is everywhere you might pay a bit of a premium for it but you know exactly what you will get. Although my sister will dispute it I find that you need go no further up the price spectrum then red. For my taste Black might be slightly taster but not worth the extra bucks. Get a bigger bottle of red and you will be a happy drinker.

1. Jack Daniels (Green Label)
Yes. My number one whiskey is a second tier product. The thing is green label has all the roughness and character that makes for a perfect at home on the rocks whiskey. Jack Daniels ages their whiskey in different parts of the barrel house and as I understand things the green label is aged on the lower floor of the barrel house. This gives it a slightly rougher edge. It is then tasted and just misses the cut thus making it basically Jack Daniel second string. It is only a couple bucks cheaper so my like of green label is not financial but really lies is the rougher edge it presents. Give it a try.

Anything you’d add to the list?

Photo: Whiskey, rocks and candlelight at Pete's Candy Store

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