Monday, March 26, 2012

Menu Plan: Week Forty-Five

Ah, gentle readers, last week we were not entirely faithful to our menu plan. We went out to eat not once but TWICE last week.

Once was Tuesday, which was a gorgeous night and we sat outside at Five Leaves and had some of our favorite go-to foods - a burger for Boyfriend, mussels for your MatchGirl - and Friday, after a long week, and with your MatchGirl in the middle of some intense Spring Cleaning (more on that in a later post) we went our for Indian on our way to a birthday party.

It's OK, though. The pork for Saturday's dinner was put in the freezer and will keep until a day this week.

So ... what are our big plans for our forty-fifth week of menu planning, with a very special anniversary added to the mix?

Monday: Meatless Monday means a veggie stir-fry. We've loads of things to throw into it, and I'll pick up some tofu for a little extra protein.

Tuesday: I have an event. I'll be home late, but probably hungry. Boyfriend has whipped up a pork Bolognese (Thanks, Esquire!) that we'll have

Wednesday: I'm planning on spending the afternoon with friends in New Jersey. Dinner will be a big chopped salad. (We are trying to eat a bit healthier as bikini season approaches!)

Thursday: The pork chops we failed to make last week!

Friday: Friday is always a low key evening for us, after long and busy weeks, I think I'll pick up the makings for the beet pasta from two weeks ago.

Saturday: Sometimes we're a little more ambitious on Saturday. I'd like to try this coconut peanut sauce beef recipe that I found on Gojee a few weeks back.

Sunday: Sunday marks the one year anniversary of us moving in to our little home. We'll mark this date with a special dinner... stay tuned for details.

Photo: pizza with sweet potato, Brie and thyme from last weekend's dinner plan.

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