Monday, February 20, 2012

Menu Plan: Week Forty

Wow. Gentle readers. This week marks a milestone in our little blog. Forty weeks of menu planning and - for the most part - sticking with it.

This week is one of the rare weeks that, so far, we will both be home every evening. So ... we must plan. Also, as we're planning the weeks ahead, we really are trying to pay close attention to our budget and our diet at the same time. This can be a challenge.

We'll keep you posted as we move ahead!

Monday: Butternut squash and chickpea salad from Smitten Kitchen.

Tuesday: pork fried rice - leftover bits and bobs all tossed together.

Wednesday: thinking about a veggie or turkey lasagne that we can also eat again later in the week.

Thursday: Boyfriend calls taco night.

Friday: leftover lasagne is always good for the end of the week.

Saturday: Puttanesca (with whole grain or quinoa pasta).

Sunday: I do believe we're going to an Oscar's party, but we might roast a chicken in the afternoon... we'll see what Sunday brings.

Photo: mushrooms, two ways

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