Monday, February 13, 2012

Menu Plan: Week Thirty-Nine

Gentle readers, February is a busy month for Boyfriend and your MatchGirl. There are birthdays, events and the regular amount of excitement that comes from living in a vibrant place like Brooklyn.

But, with my change in employment, I'm not adding a lot of money to the coffers. So it's even more important that we stick to the menu plan and make things work while money is tight.

Photo (left): Amazing green curry chicken (a little spicy), at Tuk Tuk in Long Island City.

Monday: I have an event for Social Media Week, so I won't be home for dinner. There are all manners of leftovers in the fridge for Boyfriend to eat.

Tuesday: Valentine's Day. Boyfriend has something planned, but this girl knows not what.

Wednesday: Thinking about this kale and Butternut squash soup.

Thursday: I have a Community manager Meetup/Social Media Week event in the evening.

Friday: I'm envisioning more of Wednesday night's soup.

Saturday: Thinking about a pork roast that can translate into leftovers for Monday...

Sunday: We've got a birthday potluck to attend...

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