Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Differences Are OK

In case you were not aware, while Boyfriend and your MatchGirl share quite a few things in common (our love of Sons of Anarchy and Mad Men comes to mind), there are also quite a few things that we each adore that the other is not so keen on.

One of the things that Boyfriend adores is cycling. The kind of cycling where you put on stretchy clothes and shoes with clips and go out for 60 or 70 miles, despite the temperature.

Not for me. Nope.

But Boyfriend loves it. And I love that he has something he loves to do on his own or with friends.

When you live together, you spend a lot of time together, both connecting and enjoying each other's company, and sitting quietly barely realizing the other is in the room. And then there is always the time when one of you wants to do something, watch something, listen to something that the other one has no interest in at all. These times are OK, too.

Moving through a relationship, it's important to remember that we don't have to like all the same things. That we don't have to do everything together - or even want to do everything together - for our relationship to be strong.

Photo: CO2 cartridges for a bicycle pump

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