Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Menu Plan: Week Thirty-Three

Gentle readers, we took last week off from menu planning - we in fact, ate Christmas leftovers and Thai takeout the entire week. We also took the week off from blogging, though we'll share some pics from our holiday feast later in the week.

The beginning of the year means that we get back on the right track and move forward in as disciplined a way possible.

We'll skip Monday. It happened already... but here's what we're looking at for the week, which should also cover some lunches for me to take to work.

Tuesday: Stewed kale and tomatoes on pasta

Wednesday: leftover turkey spinach lasagne

Thursday: tamale pie

Friday: Beef Stroganoff 

Saturday: leftover tamale pie

Sunday: Roast chicken with potatoes and greens of some variety on the side

photo: Christmas Eve dinner, Cioppino by Boyfriend

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