Monday, December 19, 2011

Menu Plan: Week Thirty-Two

Last week's menu plan, was a pretty big hit. We deviated a couple of times, as Boyfriend and your MatchGirl tend to get over-zealous in the planning, forgetting how tired we are when Friday rolls around again...

This week is going to be nuts, leading up to the arrival of family and friends for Christmas festivities, but we've still got to eat, right?

Boyfriend came up with a pretty simple plan for us - minimal prep work, big flavors and cleaning out the fridge - all good things leading up to the holiday!

Monday: Red beans and rice (and dreams of New Orleans

Tuesday: Posole (we've got some in the freezer, left from last week)

Wednesday: Coq au vin

Thursday: Leftover clam chowder, with crusty french bread

Friday: Your MatchGirl's parents arrive in town, so we'll get them settled at Tina's apartment and then grab a bite in the neighborhood. We've got a big weekend ahead!

Saturday: Boyfriend brings a touch of the West Coast to some Easterners with Cioppino

Sunday: Christmas dinner - the main event - Boyfriend is taking his cue from this meal.

photo: Ramen a la Boyfriend. Off menu plan, and totally worth it.

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