Monday, December 5, 2011

Menu Plan: Week Thirty

Gentle readers, as your MatchGirl has surely stated here before, it's Boyfriend who does most of the cooking in our little home. While your MatchGirl is usually the driving force behind the menu planning and, often, picking up the groceries, it's Boyfriend who comes home from a long day at work and heads into the kitchen.

He does this so your MatchGirl can work on things like this little blog, sharing our life with you, and her other side-projects. He aslo does it because he says it helps him wind down after a long day at work.

That said, he's often surprised by the menu plan - reading it here, with you, every Monday morning, and not so much part of the planning process. This week, as he had a day off (read more about that here), he decided it would be great to take a stab at the menu plan - and what he would be cooking this week.

Gentle readers, I present to you, "Menu Plan A La Boyfriend!"

Monday: Rescheduled from Sunday (we got off track) mex-I-Can

Tuesday: Staying with my favorite cuisine - Posole a classic Mexican soup featuring pork and hominy. Wednesday: I’ve been thinking about sausage and peppers, so that is what I’ll make thrown with some pasta. 

Thursday: It’s supposed to be colder and I make an excellent Brussel sprout and Pepperoni pizza.

Friday: By Friday my energy level is dropping so I am not even going to pretend we won't be eating some combination of things left over from meals earlier in the week

Saturday: We've got a birthday party to attend - we'll carb up on snacks before heading out.

Sunday: We're hosting your MatchGirl's family for the holidays, so I'm going to practice something that I'm thinking of making for Christmas dinner.

photo from your MatchGirl's 2009 Christmas with family

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