Thursday, December 1, 2011

Easy Like Sunday Morning

Appreciate what you’ve got. 

Things change and you never know when you will lose something you value. 

Relax. Things are fine in our little world. 

I am just thinking about how little time your MatchGirl and I have to spend together.

As things have changed, and I’ve taken on new projects and changed jobs, my workload has increased. Couple this with traveling for multiple weddings, and it has been ages since we enjoyed what many couples take for granted: Sunday mornings.

Ever since I embarked on my recent attempt at world domination through coffee, I’ve spent almost every day at my store. This is not conducive to things like newspaper reading, brunch, window shopping etc. I would call these things urban couples weekend activities

It is what people like us do. 

Maybe you go to a farmers market or a craft fair (yes, SWPL isn’t far from the truth). 

Nonetheless, these things are something we used to do and haven’t for a few months. I was out with a friend the other night I was telling him how much I miss this stuff and was looking forward to the weekend. He said he wished he could sit around watching football on Sundays. 

I’m pretty sure I have made my entire Sunday this week available for doing routine couples things and I couldn't be more excited.

Another Thursday guest post from Boyfriend!

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