Monday, October 24, 2011

Menu Plan: Week Twenty-Six

Gentle readers, your MatchGirl and Boyfriend did a pretty good job with the menu plan last week. The only thing we skipped was the butternut squash soup, and I whipped that up Sunday to throw into the plan for this week.

This is probably a problem that a lot of you have - making a plan for the week and then having life get in the way of it all. It happens to your MatchGirl and Boyfriend all the time. Especially as we work in different industries, with different schedules and different events. Just the fact that we manage to eat dinner together, at the dining table, practically every night, is amazing in itself.

Monday: Trying to be a bit more healthy, so we'll have a variation of this roasted veggie salad.

Tuesday: your MatchGirl is attending (and is a panelist at) a social media summit, so this will be the perfect night to pull the Butternut squash soup out of the fridge and warm it up- served with a little bread and a crisp wine, I think this will be the perfect dish.

Wednesday: Leftover lasagna will fit the bill here.

Thursday: Looks like a rainy day. Another soup, I think we'll try this one I stumbled upon on Gojee.

Friday: We're attending a Halloween party and will need to get ready... I think dinner will be some Boyfriend made pizza (I have an early day Saturday and cannot be rocking a hangover!).

Saturday: my bff is in town from LA. We'll have a ladies night dinner in Greenpoint before heading out for yet more Halloween celebrations.

Sunday: One of us will make a casserole of some kind - I leaning towards a mac'n'cheese, maybe with some squash...

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