Monday, October 17, 2011

Menu Plan: Week Twenty-Five

Gentle readers, this is the second attempt at this post.  Your MatchGirl had the menu plan scheduled and then *poof*. Gone. So it's late at night as I re-write this...  Fingers crossed it comes out right!

Last week's menu plan was a total FAIL. We didn't adhere to the plan for a single night. Not one.

The plan was, certainly, too ambitious for the busy week we had in front of us. This week - week twenty-fine (can you believe it?) - we have a busy week ahead, as well, so I'll be a bit more realistic with the menu plan!

Monday: Boyfriend is going to make his favorite rice and beans recipe, courtesy the Rapha website.

Tuesday: I'm going to make the meatloaf that I was supposed to make on Sunday.

Wednesday: It's supposed to be a rainy day, so I think I will make butternut squash soup.

Thursday: We'll be out, seeing my friends the Damn Personals play their first show in a whole lotta years. It's an early show, so we'll have to eat out.

Friday: Boyfriend made a Posole last week and he'd like to try again, tweaking the recipe, this week.

Saturday: I think we'll have leftovers. There will be meatloaf and there should be soup, too. We're going to see Jonathan Richman at the Bell House.

Sunday: I'd like to make something we can have for dinner and then I can take for lunch on Monday. I'm thinking a lasagna.

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