Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Menu Plan: Week Twenty-Four

Gentle readers, can you believe that we've reached week twenty-four of our menu planning? Neither can we!

Sunday we spent the day in Montauk, photos to come, celebrating out anniversary and eating loads of yummy seafood. Monday was a work holiday for your MatchGirl, so I took it all the way, enjoying the holiday weekend, with limited time spent on social media - so the menu plan is a day late and a meal short... I think you'll be OK.

Tuesday: Pasta with egg (I think we'll combine this recipe with this one).

Wednesday: It's supposed to be a rainy day. We'll have a carrot-ginger soup.

Thursday: I think I'll try my hand at these stuffed tomatoes.

Friday: Leftover soup, you know they'll be loads, with some crusty bread. Easy.

Saturday: we have an event, so we'll snack, but no time for a big meal!

Sunday: I think we should make a meatloaf, to carry us into next week.

photo: perfectly steamed mussels at Clam Bar in Montauk

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