Monday, August 29, 2011

Menu Plan: Week Nineteen

Last week's menu planning was kind of a bust. We only stuck with a couple of days - pretty lame since we were out so many days!

At the urging of my friend Kristin, we're participating in the Real Simple Take Back Dinner Challenge. I think we do pretty well here, especially since Boyfriend does most of the cooking and keeps us fairly on track. But as we hit Week Nineteen, we're running out of steam...  so any inspiration is welcome.

Looking forward to this challenge and seeing if it offers a bit of new inspiration!

Monday: With the roast chicken Boyfriend made Sunday, we'll have this chicken salad

Tuesday: Enchiladas a la Boyfriend

Wednesday: We've got Work It Brooklyn (you're coming, right) so we'll be eating out or at least snacking late.

Thursday: Boyfriend has his first day of his new job (more on that later), so I will make this Asian-inspired flank steak

Friday: Pasta with sausage and kale, and maybe some white beans

Saturday: Boyfriend keeps saying "big salad", so a big salad it will be. (I guess that's good for the challenge!)

Sunday: Boyfriend found a pork chop recipe he's stoked on, so, Labor Day BBQs not withstanding, we'll eat those.

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