Thursday, July 7, 2011

Budget Cuts

At the beginning of this year, gentle readers, your MatchGirl posted a little something about austerity on that other blog on which she shares her life. She was thinking about it once again today, while checking the balance of her bank account and calculating the amount it will cost to attend weddings and buy gifts and get away for long weekends over the course of the next few months.

She and Boyfriend, while not living extravagantly, have certainly not been frugal. Menu Plans are all well and good and help to save some money, but for that to work they need to be adhered to a bit better than your MatchGirl and Boyfriend have been doing of late.

Starting next week, we will save the receipts from our food buying (a bit, Boyfriend's idea) and we will share the costs with you here. It's only in seeing how we really spend our money, after all, that we can resolve to save it.

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