Wednesday, June 8, 2011


This weekend, gentle readers, Boyfriend and I went to a housewarming BBQ at our friends' house in Maplewood, NJ. One of your MatchGirl's dearest friends is moving there in a few weeks as well (we got to see their house as well), so Boyfriend and I see loads of weekends stuck in traffic on I-78 in our future. And that's OK.

Sometimes it's nice to take a little journey out of the city. To hop in the car and drive for 45 minutes (or, if traffic is bad, three hours) and to be transported to a place that's so very different than your own. Where little kids run wild in back yards, not parks. Where you can see the stars at night Actually, it's really nice.

And, as mentioned recently, we might be craving a bit of outdoor space.

Don't worry, dear ones. We're not plotting an escape from New York any time in the near future. We're not planning a move to the suburbs. Certainly not. But sometimes it's nice to take a break from the city and get a little perspective on what else is out there...

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  1. Some of the artist communities upstate are really cool. Peopled with a bunch of NYC expatriates, they're a little slice of Greenpointishness in the country.