Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Seating Arrangements: Time For Pillows

So now that Boyfriend and your MatchGirl finally have a couch, what about the rest of the living room? What will bring it all together (aside from that paint job we keep putting off)?

I saw some super cute (and really funny) pillows from Coral and Tusk at this weekend's Renegade Craft Fair. There are a ton of them on the site and the choice would be really hard. Boyfriend is a fan of the red panda with the bow and arrow, though. And I think the knots are pretty neat.

Boyfriend is pretty fond of this felt pillow on Etsy, shaped like his home state... I'm thinking the yellow won't look so awesome with our couch. Perhaps in a different color palette.

We both kind of dig the hand-embroidered State pillows from Uncommon Goods, but at $149 a pop, I don't think we'll be adding them to our decor any time soon.

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