Monday, June 6, 2011

Menu Plan: Week Seven

Gentle readers, you MatchGirl and Boyfriend did not do so well with Menu Plan: Week Six. We were good on Saturday and at a BBQ on Sunday. We ate out in Chinatown (yum, pho!) on Monday. Tuesday night we went out to dinner at Paulie Gee's with visiting friends. It was super yummy and our San Francisco pals were stoked on it.  I love taking people to neighborhood places that I love and having them love it, too! Wednesday Date Night we stayed in and Boyfriend made a steak and arugula salad. Thursday night I worked till 8PM and Boyfriend whipped up the warm potato, leek and asparagus salad from the meal plan and Friday night I made a panzanella, not on the menu plan, but I was craving it ... and we were totally off menu plan anyway, so what did one more night really matter?

So. Here we go to week seven.
Saturday: We went to New Jersey to a housewarming cook out. We at yummy grilled food and watch toddlers run around in the backyard (and yes, we might have had some back yard envy...)
Sunday: I made a savory bread pudding (with bread leftover from the panzanella), riffing off a couple of different recipes.
Monday: Pasta with tomato and herbs.
Tuesday: Steak with pickled radishes. We've had radishes sitting in the fridge for a week or so now. They're OK, but I think giving them a quick pickle will make them last a bit longer and it will be cool to balance that flavor with the steak.
Wednesday: It's supposed to be 90°F so I want something light and fresh. I'm going to make an Asian-inspired chicken salad with some red cabbage, carrots, ginger and baby spinach.
Thursday: Boyfriend said "I'm going to take care of Thursday." While Boyfriend often cooks dinner and cooks it from the menu plan, it's always fun to see what he'll come up with when he goes "off-plan" and lets his palette take him somewhere.
Friday: Mint marinated shrimp and tabbouleh salad.

What do you think? Can we do it? Can you?
What's on your menu plan this week?

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