Monday, May 9, 2011

Menu Plan: Week Three

So? How well did we do with staying true to last week's menu plan for two? Not too shabby, truth be told. We're both ridiculously busy, but things stayed pretty much on track.

Sunday night I made a London broil, pureed some cauliflower and served up some mustardy, vinegary greens, and I took a gorgeous sandwich on crusty bread for lunch the next day. Monday night Boyfriend made his own take on this pasta, substituting rotini for farfalle and endive for frisée. Tuesday afternoon Boyfriend roasted a chicken and out of that came our amazing Tuesday night dinner, the Zuni Cafe roasted chicken and bread salad.

Wednesday night I threw a whole bunch of leftovers into a pan and made a pretty amazing fried rice - little leftover sweet potato, some shallot, some garlic, a handful of snow peas, some frozen peas and some of the leftover beef from Monday night. You'll soon see, gentle readers, that this is pretty much my go-to-clean out the fridge meal. Thursday night I had a meeting after work and Boyfriend whipped up his always fabulous chicken Caesar salad. Friday night I'd not planned on, as Boyfriend was supposed to be out, but his plans were canceled so we made a riff on this shrimp, white beans and toast recipe (we had some shrimp from Trader Joe's in the freezer, always keep a selection of canned beans in the cupboard and had bread on hand from earlier in the week) from Real Simple and had a low key evening at home.

And, as promised, Saturday morning we were up early and at the Farmer's market to check out all the beautiful stuff - on a (finally) warm Spring day!

What does week three bring for us?

Saturday - I got some good news (details coming soon) so Boyfriend took me out to celebrate at our favorite date restaurant, Sel De Mer in Williamsburg, where we had lobsters and fries and a glass of wine.

Sunday - Boyfriend is winning points and being ambitious by making an awesome Osso Bucco. He went to his favorite butcher shop on Graham Ave to pick up the lamb shank.

Monday - Monday night Boyfriend's plans that were canceled last Friday have been rescheduled and my friend Kate Payne is having a book signing/craft event for The Hip Girl's Guide to Homemaking at the Greenlight Bookstore.  So we're on our own for dinner.

Tuesday - I have plans for drinks after work with a friend who's touched down in NYC for only a few days, so Boyfriend is on dinner duty again (I know, I know, ladies - you're all jealous that my man takes care of making me dinner on such a regular basis!). He's planning some fish with the pretty asparagus we picked up at Saturday's farmer's market.

Wednesday - As always, mid-week is when I come home, catch up on some writing and emailing and make dinner by throwing a ton of stuff into our wok. I've got some leftover brown rice in the fridge and we bought some delicately beautiful eggs at the farmer's market, so perhaps something more of the Asian-inspired omelet variety... Also this Wednesday, my friend Jim is in town with his band The Love Dimension, so we'll be running over to check them out as well.

Thursday - Thursday night is the Brooklyn Blogfest and I'll be heading there pretty much right after work and then on to a birthday party in Manhattan. I think dinner will be grabbed running between those two events... Thank goodness for the awesome NYC pizza slice!

Friday - Friday, dear ones, is a bit of a mystery ... there will certainly be some remnants from the week. It's just a matter of whether Boyfriend or your MatchGirl will tackle them to turn them into a meal.

Meal planning is challenge enough, but planning for two very busy people is even harder. I'm exciting to share our trials and tribulations as we figure it all out!

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