Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Firsts: Cross Country Voyage

Gentle readers, your MatchGirl and Boyfriend celebrated a big "first" this past weekend. We made our first big trip out of town as a couple.

Sure, we have a made a couple of day trips in our relationships, but we had yet to take a trip out of town together. But, on Saturday, one of Boyfriend's dear friends got married in Sausalito and your MatchGirl and Boyfriend traveled to the West Coast to spend a few days with friends and loved ones and celebrate this wedding.

Now, traveling with your boo is a big deal. Sure, we've just moved in together, but traveling, dear readers, is still a big deal. When people travel, they are at their worst. They are tired and cranky and underfed and probably dehydrated and definitely surrounded by a lot of people who have no idea that it is not OK to wear their PJs as traveling clothes. They are waiting in lines, sometimes long and slow moving, and disrobing (at least partially in public) and they are, as I've written (though I think it bears repeating), cranky.

Here's the thing, gentle ones, Boyfriend did not get cranky. Not gonna lie, your MatchGirl certainly did. But Boyfriend held it together, lifting and carrying bags, opening doors and making fun of the jammie-wearing masses with your MatchGirl.

The trip itself? Lovely. We spent time with Tiny Boss, who introduced us, via Facebook, just over a year ago (so blame her fr this blog and anything else that comes of it!). We had lunch with Boyfriend's mom. We hung out with his man crew, most of whom still live in Northern California, who he doesn't get to see very often. We had good food and drink and good times, over all.

But the real test of traveling with someone is not so much what happens while you're where your going to, it's how you act along the way. I think, gentle readers, that Boyfriend and your MatchGirl did just fine. It's a good thing, too, as we have a few more weddings, and a lot more travel, on our agenda for 2011.

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