Monday, March 28, 2011

Logistics: Movers, Take 3 - The Final Cut

Gentle readers, your MatchGirl has written here, a couple of times, about her and Boyfriend's search for movers to move us from my apartment on the north part of Greenpoint's Manhattan Ave to our new place, about 7 block south.

It's been frustrating.

We're on a bit of a budget - trying to save our money for new furniture and to save money to, well, save money as we grow our life together. And while it's true that we could probably rent a U-Haul and move ourselves to save a few bucks, I think that will add a lot more stress than we need. Plus, as we are moving on Friday morning (yes, Friday morning, April 1st), most of our friends will be at work.

So I made a few more phone calls and sent a few more e-mails.

I reached out to Jeff at A-1First Class Movers. I had hired them this summer at work when we moved offices. Jeff was great and the guys were really professional and fast. I knew they were not the cheapest - though I think the level of service makes them well worth their cost - so I figured it was worth asking what they might be able to do. The quote Jeff gave me was reasonable, but definitely out of our price range. If I had a little more flexibility with budget, though, I would certainly have hired them. Their professionalism, from experience, is totally worth their price.

I e-mailed College Educated Movers, after reading about them on Yelp. The responded very quickly (within hours, even though it was late at night) with a pretty good quote - a flat rate of $445. Totally affordable, and definitely made them a front-runner.

I reached out to Rabbit Movers, also after finding them on Yelp and then looking at their website. They seemed professional and like the kind of company that I would like to hire and work with. But they didn't respond to me for two days. By that time, I had already made a decision.

Who did we go with? We ended up going with Intense Movers, based out of Williamsburg. they responded really quickly with a few questions and followed up with a professional quote. They gave us the best price and their response rate to e-mails was great. Sure, they are basically men with a van movers, but that's OK. Boyfriend can lend them a hand. We're expecting them to show up at 8AM on Friday.

A full review will follow sometime in the week after our move.

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