Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Spring Cleaning | Resources

After my first post on spring cleaning, your MatchGirl's Facebook wall was aflutter with tips and hints and resources to help one keep one's home a little more organized!

A few of my faves:

First, my friend Kate Payne wrote a killer book called The Hip Girl's Guide to Homemaking (yes, that's your MatchGirl mentioned in the sewing section). This book (pictured, left) shows you that anyone can keep an amazing home, you just need a little ingenuity and the desire to do it. From making a lovely space to overnight guests to throwing parties to canning your own food, Kate walks you through it all. Seriously. Buy it.

Apartment Therapy: The Eight Step Home Cure, is one that your MachGirl and Boyfriend will be purchasing soon. We're big fans of the site (and the very fun Pinterest boards! Oh my!) and a friend has assured us that this tome will change our (home) loves. I'm sold!

And how could your MtchGirl not include something by the incomparable Martha Stewart? Martha Stewart's Homekeeping Handbook might be geared towards people with a little more time on their hands than your MatchGirl and Boyfriend generally find themselves with, but I don't care. There are great tips in here. I say, you can't go wrong with Martha!

So? What are your favorite resources when it comes to keeping your home organized and tidy?

Note on links: Whenever possible, books I mention will link back to the amazing Word Brooklyn, my neighborhood bookstore. They are awesome and I love them. And the only compensation I get in return is knowing that if people keep shopping there, they will stay open. Which is pretty awesome.

Image: Harper Collins

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